If a tree falls

Released: 1996
CD:EarthBeat R2 72495

A compilation record, featuring the diverse music of dedicated forest lovers, benefits the Trees Foundation and its affiliated groups.


  1. Song of the trees - John Trudell
  2. The devil and the trees - Zero
  3. Trees - Robert Hoyt
  4. Never alone - Joanne Rand

  5. If a tree falls - Bruce Cockburn
  6. Kiss Mother Nature goodbye - Hank Williams Jr.
  7. Priests of the golden bull - Buffy Sainte-Marie
  8. A cry in the forest - Dan Fogelberg
  9. Where are we gonna work when the trees are gone - Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon
  10. Trees like to rot in the forest - The Tinklers
  11. You can't clearcut your way to heaven - Darryl Cherney
  12. Defend the earth - Alice di Micele
  13. Farewell to Clayoquot Sound - The Wyrd Sisters
  14. Heart of destruction - Ferron
  15. The only green world - Rumors of the Big Wave

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