In the Falling Dark

Released: 1976
LP: Island 9463; True North 26
CD: East Side Digital ESD BRUCE2; Columbia 48745

Album Personnel:


  1. Lord of the Starfields (3:22)
  2. Vagabondage (4:17)
  3. In the Falling Dark (4:50)
  4. Little Seahorse (4:30)
  5. Water into Wine (5:30)
  6. Silver Wheels (4:41)
  7. Giftbearer (4:39)
  8. Gavin's Woodpile (8:00)
  9. I'm Gonna Fly Some Day (4:02)
  10. Festival of Friends (4:38)

From: All Music Guide

The followup to Joy Will Find A Way possesses some Cockburn standards in "Festival of Friends," the propulsive folk-jazz of "Silver Wheels," the meditative "Lord of the Starfields," and the title cut. The lyrics involve increasingly complex mystical Christian metaphors. Cockburn's exceptional guitar technique is showcased on the instrumental "Water into Wine."

Rick Clark

Douwe van der Zwaag