Kick at the darkness : songs of Bruce Cockburn

Released: 1992
CD: Westpark Music 87025

From the liner notes:
"Got to kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight" is one of those lyrics that cuts through everything. It's a credo for life. It resonates through this entire project and it certainly resonates through Bruce's work. if there's one Canadian songwriter who typifies the word "independant", then it's Bruce Cockburn. Over the course of this project, we have all grown to appreciate how timeless Bruce's songs are and how much meaning they've had in our lives. And for a songwriter like Bruce Cockburn, we can think of no finer tribute.


  1. Lovers in a dangerous time - Barenaked ladies
  2. Lord of the starfields - Swing Gang
  3. Wondering where the lions are - B-Funn
  4. Stolen land - Chris Bottomley
  5. A long time love song - Martin Tielli & Jan Siberry
  6. One day I walk - Skydiggers
  7. Feet fall on the road - Five Guys Named Moe
  8. If I had a rocket laucher - Cottage Industry
  9. Call it democracy - Jellyfishbabies
  10. Waiting for the moon - Fat Man Waving
  11. Silver wheels - All Her Brothers Are Drummers
  12. All the diamonds in the world - Rebecca Jenkins
  13. Red ships take off in the distance - Bobby Wiseman

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