Twee meter sessies, volume 1

"Twee meter de lucht in" (English translation: "Two meters up in the air") is a Dutch radio program, broadcasted by the Vara broadcasting organization. In the late 1980's the program started a section called "2 meter sessies", featuring a certain artist or band, recorded live in the Vara radio studios. The idea was to create an alternative to just doing interviews. It was a way to have the artist say his/her thing musically. For more info, visit The Twee Meter Home Page (in Dutch)

All recordings were done in a relative simple manner: no overdubs, a lot of acoustic work, small percussion and vocals. MTV hadn't even started their "Unplugged" series at the time. Most of the recording sessions were recorded on video as well, especially the later ones. Nowadays Vara broadcasts these regularly on TV.

Bruce Cockburn's "If I had a rocket launcher" was recorded on August 29th, 1989, and the song appeared on the first of a series of "2 meter sessies" cd's in 1991. From then on about every year a new volume was released, most recently volume 6 in the fall of 1995.

Released: 1991
CD: Varagram/Radio Records 848 520-2


  1. Bring me some water - Melissa Etheridge
  2. Under the milky way - The Church
  3. Rhythm of life - Oleta Adams
  4. Tears of God - Los Lobos
  5. Future is promises - Texas

  6. If I had a rocket launcher - Bruce Cockburn
  7. J.O.S. days - The Nits
  8. No myth - Michael Penn
  9. Rigoreus - The Scene
  10. Beatles and the Stones - House of Love
  11. Great song of indifference - Bob Geldof
  12. Apologia - Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer
  13. Willin' - Deacon Blue
  14. Lovin' whisky - Rory Block
  15. Tell me that it isn't true - The Fatal Flowers
  16. Anchorage - Michelle Shocked
  17. Little sister leaving town - Tanita Tikaram
  18. Captured - Brian Kennedy

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